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Wenulu is a young warrior in her 20s. She is fair skinned and has a mischievous sparkle in her bright green eyes.
Part of her fringe has a small braid in it with a yellow and blue thread woven throughout it.
A blue silk bracelet circles her left wrist. Adorning the bracelet is a green jewel, centered in a lemon carved from wood. The jewel glimmers at the sun's rays. On her finger is a beautiful white gold ring. Both were given to her by her only love,  Lucky Stone.

The Noble Wenulu
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Gender: Female
Level: 63
Profession: Warrior
Guild: The Vanguard
Stature Points: 154
Equipped Items
Traveler's Pouch (Bright)
White Gold Ring
Monogrammed Handkerchief
Demonblood Gold Aegis Crystal
Jeweled Sea Mask
Demon Power Bracelet
Glowing Amulet of The Order (Glowing)
Gator Skin Boots
Polished Articulated Gauntlets
Elite Centaur Helm
Benevolent Robes of Miranda (Glowing)
Hardened Wolf Patch Armor
Shield of the Kings
Ultimate Weapon of War (Glowing)