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Barely an adult man, Ivan looks more like a youngster of average heigth, pale skin and dark hair kept as short as possible. He is usually found wearing his armor that covers as much of him as possible.

His equipment is well maintained at all times, the armor joints oiled and his blades sharpened, bordering on some kind of devotion to his gear.

His chest armor bears a sigil over the heart with a crescent moon with the letters TS within.

As soons as his parents allowed him to hunt, Ivan went to brave the wilderness of Valorn. However, sometimes he can be seen holding and talking to a wooden toy soldier.

Sometimes he can be blunt, but never with ill intent. If not wearing a full face helm (or even when wearing one), a mischievous smile is his most common greet.

Ivan Monde
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Gender: Male
Level: 60
Profession: Warrior
Guild: Twilight Serenity
Stature Points: 10
Equipped Items
Gator Skin Pouch
Brass Ring
Icy Medallion
Gold Aegis Crystal
Phantom Mask of Storms (Glowing)
Cloak of Darkness (Shadowed)
Doorway Fragment
Amulet of Fate (Blinding)
Gator Skin Boots
Iron Knight Gloves
Elite Centaur Helm
Benevolent Robes of Miranda (Glowing)
Hardened Wolf Patch Armor
Iron Knights Shield
Ultimate Weapon of War (Glowing)