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The only thing that can be seen about Holly Dayes is that she is about 5.4 due to the thick cloak that envelops her. A softly shimmering spider web scarf occasionally falls from the opening of her hood. Holding her scarf in place is a heart shaped crystal luck pendant and it seems to be special to her as she touches it often. When the hood falls back some you find inquisitive eyes, the color of new spring grass that staring back, from behind shoulder length, platinum blonde hair. Across her back is leather holster holding her sword, a claw is slipped into the cuff of a sleeve. A simple but beautiful ring sits on her finger can be seen spinning it on her finger often. Proudly wears a solid platinum pin depicting -A Sword crossed over a staff over a heart on a shield background- clipped to the front of her belt where it can clearly be seen. Is young enough to seem sweet, but old enough to be wary as she slips quietly through crowds, a woman of few words she is not usually one to stay and chat.

Holly Dayes
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Gender: Female
Level: 17
Profession: Rogue
Guild: Blade and Staff
Stature Points: 17
Equipped Items
Friendship Ring
Hooded Cloak
Gold and Silver Bracelet
Crystal Luck Pendant
Sea Scale Boots
Sea Scale Gauntlets
Sea Scale Helm
Roguely Vestments
Full Leather Armor
Falchion - Left
Venomous Claw