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A shock of vermilion hair sprinkled with leaves and twigs is held back semi-neatly by a short length of twine. Sharp green eyes are visible when caught in rare moments of stillness.
He moves silently, like a calm breeze; shifting through a crowd or forest with similar ease. He is smaller than average but carries himself with the grace and slight air of grandeur akin to those of nobility. Though, he does keep a toothy and slightly crooked grin at the ready to greet anyone with.

Dark kohl lines streak his face, giving the appearance of whiskers; he wears all orange and resembles a fox.

Tacitus Umbra
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Gender: Male
Level: 11
Profession: Initiate
Stature Points: 2
Equipped Items
Tarnished Medallion
Ochre Blossom
Hooded Cloak
Amulet of Evilsbane (Glowing)
Colorfully Dyed Yellow Silk Bracelet
Simple Orange Cloth Clothing
Mug of Lemonade