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Dabria appears to be a young woman of above average stature, and of a lithe, athletic build. Sleek, copper coloured hair is worn in a short, practical yet feminine manner, parted on the left hand side, and hanging just below her ears. Smooth porcelain skin and highly defined cheekbones feature upon a face that is rarely without a sparkle in its piercing green eyes, which are hooded by smoky grey lids, long, defined lashes, and perfectly arched eyebrows; or a wry smile on her full, blood red lips. Highly polished and carefully manicured nails, stained in the same colour as her lips, complete her almost immaculate appearance.

Long sleeved, floor length, and form fitting robes of black leather, lined with a rich, shot silk fabric, are worn open, their collar perpetually turned up against the elements, as they billow behind her with every confident stride she takes through the lands in black, woven mesh boots. Underneath her robes is worn a black leather suit comprising of low-waisted trousers and a matching, cropped bustier, both of which cleave to her physique as if a second skin. Closer inspection of her, however, will reveal a jagged scar, that runs from the top of her neck and disappears beneath her clothing; the branding 'Chttl:12/4' on her upper right shoulder blade should her robes slip; and tattoos on her wrists: the right bearing the word 'Affas' with a flame whose outline clearly reads 'Live Life Free' situated directly above, the left an outline of a moose. A choker of the same black leather, sporting a blood-flecked crystal at its centre, adorns her throat, and a thin, chainmail belt sits, loosely slung, upon her hips, from which hangs a glowing pouch, various daggers, knives, vials, and a keyring bearing an assortment of keys, as well as a blue disc with the initials of her guild engraved upon it in silver. Strapped to her left thigh is a hand-crafted dagger: its onyx hilt has been intricately carved with flames, and its wickedly tipped blade appears to glow with a subtle red hue upon movement.

Dabria wears little in the way of adornments. Her hands are obscured by fingerless gauntlets, fashioned from thin sections of steel, each of which sport intricately engraved runes. A pair of cookie earrings come to rest on their wires just below each earlobe, and the ring of her profession is snugly displayed upon the third finger of her right hand, On the third finger of her left hand sits a thin band of white gold with a white marble inlay. A thin band of the darkest mirrored metal, accented with flecks of eerily glowing green sits above it. A pulsating armlet nestles against her left bicep, and a midnight-black cloak is worn carefully draped over her shoulders; its folds rise and fall as one with her robes with each movement made, offering a glimpse of a highly polished shield adorned with four gold crowns, and a staff, with a cruelly honed shard of ice at its peak, nestled behind it. It is held securely in place by a cast iron clasp depicting a crossed sword and staff, with a macabre example of an orb nestled in their centre.

When she speaks it is usually in a clear, self-assured manner.

Dabria Fireblade the Forthright
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Gender: Female
Level: 70
Profession: Enchanter
Guild: Serendipitous Resurrection (Officer)
Stature Points:
Equipped Items
White Gold Ring
Icy Medallion
Demonblood Gold Aegis Crystal
Devourer Flesh Armlet
Ring of Protection VIII
Amulet of the Fearless (Blinding)
Dark Gray Satin Clothing