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Zelele is from very far away; she is adapting cheerfully to Valorn. Her speech is musical, almost sung.
She likes many colors; purple brings out the highlights of her skin.

Her fake beard is lovingly braided into a reverse twist.

She has a red, red ribbon knotted in her short hair.

The clasp of her robe is a howling wolf, with a shark fin on its back. Her handkerchief is scented with sage, spearmint, lemon grass and sweet basil. A large polychromatic snake-skin is knotted around her waist, often under clothes.

Traces of a tattered paint job depicting her as a polychromatic lizard are barely visible.

Her golden ring is marked with a pattern of interlocking Z's and C's; the more subtle inscription is too fine to see without close examination.
The diamond ring is made of intertwined snakes supporting the reflector under the stone. Faint markings may be scales and may be letters.

Her saw is labelled Antiope.

What Zelele wears is indicated by her items, but some things differ; her bathing suit pretty much a shell bikini. When wearing it, she is often blue from her hairline to her toes/\

Her ornate dress is gold underdress with wide sleeves and short leggings and over it a low-cut knee-length sleeveless sheath and a cluster of garnets in her cleavage.

When she dresses up, a light gold dust is sprinkled over her dress and skin, and a faint veil covers all.

Her black suit is form-fitting leather, darker than she is, and has red ornaments: shoulder straps, lapel inserts, cuffs, belt loops, trouser seams and a golden Z on each shoulder. It is fastened with large obsidian buttons down the front.

Her golden sunshine dress is form-fitting down to the waist, and is a tight split skirt below that.

Lady Zelele Zostre
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Gender: Female
Level: 53
Profession: Enchanter
Guild: Amazonian Clans of Valorn (Officer)
Stature Points: 2679
Equipped Items
Traveler's Pouch (Bright)
White Gold Ring
Token of Gratitude
Gold Aegis Crystal
Stick on Goatee
Armlet of Protection V
Ring of Protection VIII
Amulet of Fate (Blinding)
Sea Scale Gauntlets
Holly Wreath Crown
Scootertide Sweater
Adept Robe I
Queen Shield
Zelele's Singing Saw