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Dressed for spring in a beautiful green, silver and black dress, her hair pulled back in a braid tied with a silver ribbon. Silver toned shoes peek out from under her skirt occasionally. A long silver chain necklace adorns her neck an emerald pendant sits about the middle of her ribs.

Long, thick, black hair flows like spilled ink around a slim, delicate looking figure covering her to her hips. Sticking out of her hair are long, droopy, ombre ears dyed to mimic the light of dusk being light purple almost blue at her hair turning darker shades of purple down to the tips. Her ears are about half the length of her hair. And if one gets a sneak peek of her tail poking out of a slit made for it in her clothing, it is dyed the same, both glitter softly as she moves. Eyes of lavender look tenderly at the world around her and are set above a small button nose and heart shaped lips that smile contently. She looks almost out of place within this battle worn world. She carries herself with a practiced gracefulness of one born to an aristocratic type family and her speech is soft and girly but refined.

Her clothing is usually clean and hug her slender frame attractively. Yet with all her clean and proper looking clothing, one item seems out of place... a very large towel that is so fluffy it seems to absorb blows! And she wears it like a cloak, and if the wind is not blowing you might be able to read the purple words along the bottom edge. Pinning the towel in place is an intricately done metal rose of violet and emerald, a gift from a friend. In front of the flower pin is a silver bunny head pin, with glittering purple eyes the letters CSB seem to make up a collar.

The staves hang off her pack along with a small bag of powder dangling from her waist make it clear what profession she chose to walk. And if one gets close enough to catch a whiff she oft smells of sea breeze and a floral sent similar to her name sake.

Her constant companions are, a teddy bear with a royal blue bow-tie a silver name tag dangling just below it bearing the name she dubbed him, "Tiberius" and a cute little duck with a similar, but pink, bow-tie dubbing her "Sparkle."

Lavender's Golden Journal

Lady Lavender Morgan
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Gender: Female
Level: 67
Profession: Enchanter
Guild: Clan of the Shrouded Bunnies
Stature Points: 304
Equipped Items
A Bag of Powder
Bone Spike Ring
Enchanted Black Orchid
Icy Medallion
Demonblood Gold Aegis Crystal
Red Flower
Siegeguard Armlet
Ring of Protection VIII
Simple Silver Chain with Emerald Pendant
Fine Women's Shoes
Colorfully Dyed Orange Silk Bracelet
Festive Spring Gown
Chilled Adept Robe IV
Shield of the Kings
Music Box