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Carries a Teddy bear with a purple colored bow-tie and name tag, if one gets close enough the tag says "Tiberius". She has several other stuffed creatures peeking out of her pack. A Goat, Bos, and an Owl.

Silky, black hair spills like ink down to about mid-back the front seems to have a feathered effect, framing deep pools of luminous lavender eyes that seem to be taking in everything around her with careful consideration, a small button nose, and full lips that always seem on the edge of either pouting or smiling.. a woman whose posture, manners, and soft spoken ways are those of one who was raised in a less hostile environment. For the most part she is kind and gentle to those she encounters. Her clothing, always clean and taken care of despite some being worn to fight in; one can rarely tell they are not new. Robes of the enchanters and a bark-like cloak usually hide a slender frame. Yet there is strength there that is born of years of training and fighting, it coupled with a dancers grace makes for a very agile woman. Though the robe and cloak are not the only things she has been known to adorn herself in, but no matter what she wears it is coupled with a gleaming silver broach in which are embedded glittering blue gems crafted into the letters - S and R, a symbol of her loyalty to her guild family.

Always present, in addition to her guild broach, a ring of protection sits on the first finger of her right hand and suspended from a white gold chain are two charms; one a crimson colored stone, shaped as a flame, the other a sapphire colored stone, shaped as a lightning bolt. A few staves hang off her pack along with and a small bag of powder dangles tied at her waist. If one gets close enough to her a light scent; similar to her name sake can be detected.

At times she can be seen writing in a Golden Journal.

Lavender Morgan
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Gender: Female
Level: 65
Profession: Enchanter
Guild: Serendipitous Resurrection
Stature Points: 140
Equipped Items
A Bag of Powder
Enchanted Black Orchid
Icy Medallion
Orb of Shadows (Dim)
Demonblood Gold Aegis Crystal
Purple Blossom
Trollbark Cloak
Siegeguard Armlet
Ring of Protection VIII
Greater Glowing Amulet of The Order (Bright)
Knee-High Boots
Colorfully Dyed Orange Silk Bracelet
Short Slacks with Silken Shirt
Chilled Adept Robe IV
Stuffed Bear Toy
Glass of Wine