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~She has a jovial manner and a light heart that is apparent in the loose, yet graceful way her joints move and the way she strides from place to place.~

~Her skin is a toasty color and warm to the touch from lots of days spent in the sun and her short wind-blown locks bounce carelessly around her face in cinnamon-red swirls.~

~Her eyes, one blue and one green, dance with mischief and mirth as she watches the world around her.~

~Her thick accent can make her hard to understand at times, but her nature is sweet like honey and her crooked smile is endearing.~

~She dresses casually and looks slightly disheveled, as if she spends most of her time out-of-doors.~

~She proudly wears a friendship ring upon one of her fingers; a gift from someone special.~

Sojourner Dove
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Gender: Female
Level: 24
Profession: Warrior
Stature Points: 85
Equipped Items
Drawstring cloth pouch
Friendship Ring
Tarnished Medallion
Monogrammed Handkerchief
Yellow Blossom
Woven Grass Bracelet
Coral Necklace
Grey Socks
Colorfully Dyed Green Silk Bracelet
Enchanted Skull Helm
Fine Green Tunic
Mint Candy