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Bo is a Cleric teetering upon the brink of tallness, and closely meandering around near emancipation. For a woman of her winters, she scarely has any breast to speak of; nor a single ounce of womanly buxom to show for it. Straight up and down, that is Bo Bonnie. All elbows and knees, that is Bo Bonnie.

Topping her soft grey suit, she is clothed in a long jacket patched in varying shades of blue and near-white. Bell sleeves hang long over her hands and her elfin hood dangles toward the small of her back. A wilting dandelion sags in her top pocket.

Prominent ears protrude pinkly at the helix from the fine cobwebbing of her hair. Ears and hair frame a face that is both reasonably as pleasant as it is symmetrical in it's proportions. Though, her mouth might be considered a smidge large and her eyes are more widely set than what would be considered usual. Bo's left eye is waxed with a sickly glaze and peers out, unfocused, from within it's socket. While her remaining, functioning eye, is a rather unspectacular shade of grey ish-blue.

While other women were born to bloom, it would appear that Bo is a non-flowering specimen. A human bedding plant; placed upon the earth to make the flowers appear all the more radiant. Though, a glimmer of something at least faintly remarkable rests in her bony hands; where her ring and middle fingers are both equal in length. Bo wears her Holy Ring upon her thumb, and lilac veins beneath her eyes.

Bo Bonnie
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Gender: Female
Level: 30
Profession: Cleric
Guild: The Remnants of Kimald
Stature Points: 97
Equipped Items
Tarnished Medallion
Fine Steel Visor
Shimmering Ice Cloak
Armlet of Protection
Holy Ring of Light (Shining)
Lesser Glowing Amulet of The Order (Glowing)
Caligae War Sandals
Wall Beast Claw Gauntlets
Enchanted Skull Helm
Grey Suit
Chainmail Armor
Glowing Scarab Shield (Glowing)
Holy Battle Hammer (Glowing)