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Abandoned at birth Senetta learned at a very young age how to fend for herself. Sensing a disturbance in the balance of good and evil within the lands she is trying to put the past behind her - and aims to lend a hand in each battle she faces.

Standing at 5'6 with blonde hair and brown eyes, Senetta wears a dark red robe with the letters 'TS' embroidered in black thread within the shape of a crescent moon.

At times she can be quite sarcastic but always protective of her loved ones and close friends.

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Gender: Female
Level: 65
Profession: Enchanter
Guild: Twilight Serenity
Stature Points: 26
Equipped Items
A Bag of Powder
Orb of Shadows (Dim)
Demonblood Gold Aegis Crystal
Phantom Mask of Storms (Glowing)
Trollbark Cloak
Devourer Flesh Armlet
Ring of Protection VIII
Glowing Amulet of The Order (Glowing)
Demon Boots (Shadowed)
Polished Articulated Gauntlets
Elite Centaur Helm
Adept Robe IV
Shield of the Kings
Ultimate Weapon of Courage (Glowing)