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A dark purple scarf with white seams covers his mouth and nose and his hood is pulled over the top of his head.

Long, silky black hair protrudes from this young rogue's hood over his face, eventually reaching not far from his shoulders. Visible through the strands are a pair of piercing deep blue eyes, constantly shifting as if they are maintaining a fierce and cautious look out. From time to time this movement may relax into a more distant and lifeless gaze. His facial structure is quite petite and contoured much differently than the average Trinaldian male. If anything, it could even be compared to that of a female. His skin lacks any sort of definition, being the palest of pale without a single speck of hair. Creases have begun to form at the corners of his eyes and lips, and a pair of grey bags sag underneath his eyelids. The only other notable impurities are a set of thin rosy lips and a small black hoop pierced into his right nostril.

When he speaks, it is usually in a calm and relaxed manner, a mix between an alto and baritone.

Embracing most of his petite but muscular torso is a dark black hooded cloak, appearing well kept and soft to the touch. The cloak ebbs and flows around his set of modified armor whether he is on the hunt or at ease, until its bottom midway along his thighs. Affixed securely to its chest and over his heart is a polished silver pin with a ruby set into it. Opposite of the pin are two gold pins and one platinum; each with faded illegible lettering.

At all times he wears a perfect tunic with horizontal alternating stripes of lilac and white. Like the rest of his attire, it appears to be remarkably durable yet comfortable. It opens just above his stomach to form a deep ā€˜Vā€™ when not completely laced.
His left breast is marked by a branch of scars that appear to be recently produced.

Around his left bicep, he sports an azure armband with the letters 'SR' sewn into it with gold, silver, and white threads. The farther reaches of the shirt's arms seem as if they can stretch to his wrists, but for the time being they have been fastened with buttons near his elbows. Both of his forearms are adequately protected by polished gauntlets, opening at his wrists to fingerless cloth gloves. His fingernails have been trimmed excessively and coated over with a black paste. On his left hand, he adorns a white gold ring; on the right a sole friendship ring, which he can often be found staring at blankly.

At the waist, the shirt tucks into a pair of tight trousers, mutual in color to his cloak. A belt occupied by an assortment of tools and weaponry hoists the legwear up. Attached to it in the front near his groin are a coin purse and a metal hoop. The hoop keeps a stick of flint as well as a variety of keys and lock picks, including one lock pick that seems to radiate a dull light. Occasionally, a single dagger is visible from beneath his cloak on his left side, easily in reach. Etched on its pouch are a few letters reading 'PV'. On the opposite hip a sole rapier is sheathed; an indecipherable pattern, possibly containing words or letters, is embedded onto the sheathe.

The trousers hug his thighs and calves rather tightly, but allow plenty of mobility when necessary. No skin is visible as they transition at his ankles into a pair of black leather boots. Each boot conceals a small blade on the inner-facing outside edge.

At times he may be found carving away at a chunk of soap, or occupying himself with a small black book.


Lord Shadow Darkmoon
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Gender: Male
Level: 61
Profession: Rogue
Guild: Serendipitous Resurrection (Officer)
Stature Points: 791
Equipped Items
Drawstring cloth pouch
White Gold Ring
Black Orchid
Loyalty Pin
Monogrammed Handkerchief
Gold Aegis Crystal
Stylish Scarf
Hooded Cloak
Demon Power Bracelet
Friendship Ring
Amulet of Fate (Blinding)
Leather Shoes
Polished Articulated Gauntlets
Tunic with Violet Stripe
Excellent Nightsky Armor
Small Carafe of Wine