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Lowrenzo P. Pirate
how much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?

High Lord Lowrenzo
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Gender: Male
Level: 64
Profession: Rogue
Guild: The Vanguard (Officer)
Stature Points: 4635
Equipped Items
Traveler's Pouch (Bright)
Promise Ring
Black Orchid
'I Survived the Mansion' Souvenir Pin
Demonblood Gold Aegis Crystal
Jeweled Sea Mask
Trollbark Cloak
Gold and Silver Bracelet
Master Glowing Amulet of The Order (Bright)
Swashbuckler's Stygian Boots
Polished Articulated Gauntlets
Rat Pelt Hood
Roguely Vestments
Excellent Nightsky Armor
Duberry`s Left Hand Dagger
Trouser Tinkler Ale