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The years and scars of many hard fought battles are worn on his face and body.

He wears a Purple blossom that he found after coming face to face with the shear power of The Goddess Kailani's presents in the High Western Mountains.

The fear and excitement will forever be etched in his mind.

He will never forget his oath...

You can see him fidgeting with a ring around his finger

Rig Mortus
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Gender: Male
Level: 63
Profession: Warrior
Guild: Shieldwall
Stature Points: 60
Equipped Items
Carved Granite Pin
Purple Blossom
Demon Power Bracelet
Blessed Ring (Glowing)
Greater Glowing Amulet of The Order (Bright)
Stygian Boots
Fine Red Bunnyfuz Clothing
Rigorous Armor