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Ye spot a petite woman of about 5’3” with brown hair tumbling to her waist with curly locks, held back from her large brown eyes by a red silk kerchief wound into a rope and tied loosely about her head. She usually has on two different necklaces as if she can’t make up her mind which to wear: one catches the soft light and amplifies it, glinting like a star, the other shines dully across its entirety. Round her waist is a thin cord, from which dangles a small leather pouch filled to overflowing with various baubles and gifts from her travels throughout the lands. It generally jingles as she usually bounces from hither to yon. The reason ye notice this young woman is not so much because of her looks; there is nothing particularly striking about her. But upon her lips is usually perched a half-amused smile, which sometimes makes people do a double-take and look about themselves wondering what would provoke such amusement.

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Gender: Female
Level: 53
Profession: Enchanter
Stature Points: 17
Equipped Items
Spider Ring
'I Survived the Mansion' Souvenir Pin
Demonblood Gold Aegis Crystal
Phantom Mask of Storms (Glowing)
Trollbark Cloak
Armlet of Protection IV
Ring of Protection VIII
Garnet Pendant
Stygian Boots
Magma Ash Gauntlets (Glowing)
Elite Centaur Helm
`Flight of the Phoenix` Skirt and Top
Adept Robe I
Ogre Battle Shield
Ultimate Weapon of Courage (Glowing)