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Hojo is a tall, well-built warrior in his mid-thirties. His brown hair is kept short, his beard neatly trimmed, and is now half gray - much to his annoyance. Having seen a number of battles, his brown eyes have aged beyond his obvious years.

He is usually well dressed and prepared for battle. His armour and equipment expertly maintained, bearing only a few faint signs of battle-wear. Each item has a place of necessity: On his left side is a near pristine sword of the warrior, the strapping on the handle is starting to show some wear from where he rests his hands. On his right, sits his pack. It is part filled with supplies, two sturdy torches are strapped to the bottom and there are a pair of boarding axes sheathed to it. One is older, with the wood and steel blade darker - save for the recently sharpened edge and the other is of a slightly different design, lighter, and newly forged.

When in combat he favours a battle-worn Cory Imprinted Shield. Some of the damage, nearly piercing the shield in places, appears to have been inflicted by claws.

He moves with purpose, each action measured through cycles of repetition, and speaks in a direct manner.

Iron Commander Hojo Musachi the Steadfast
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Gender: Male
Level: 62
Profession: Warrior
Guild: Guardians of the Grimoire (Officer)
Stature Points:
Equipped Items
Warrior Lore
Iron Order Ring
Iron Order Cloak Pin
Gold Aegis Crystal
Iron Commander's Cloak
Blessed Platinum Ring (Glowing)
Glowing Amulet of The Order (Glowing)
Stygian Boots
Ceremonial Golden Age Gauntlets
Simple Blue Cloth Clothing
Armor of the Iron Order
Commander's Throwing Axe
Sword of the Warrior