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Hojo is a tall well-built warrior in his mid- thirties. His brown hair is kept short and his beard is neatly trimmed. To his annoyance, his beard is starting to grey. His brown eyes are not that of a young adventurer.

He is usually well dressed; even if it is a bit plain. His form is uncompromising and his movements are practiced, those of a seasoned warrior.
His armour bears the symbol of the Iron Order, three clasped hands joining together to form a triangle. His Armour and equipment are expertly maintained with only a few faint signs of battle. Each item has a place out of necessity, few of them elaborate or decorative.
On his left side is a sword of the warrior, he rarely uses the blade and it is often used as a perch for his hand. On his right and disappearing under his cloak is a dark brown half-filled bos hide satchel. Securely attached to the satchel are two unlit torches and a boarding axe. When not needed, he usually attaches his helmet to the strap.

When in combat he favours a battle-worn Cory Imprinted Shield. When he patrols it is often found strapped to his back
He speaks in a direct manner.

Iron Commander Hojo Musachi
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Guild:Alliance of Valornian Explorers (Officer)
Stature Points:1
Equipped Items
Blessed Ring (Glowing)
Glowing Amulet of The Order (Glowing)
Simple Light Blue Cloth Clothing
Armor of the Iron Order