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Hojo is a tall well-built warrior in his mid- thirties. His brown hair is kept short and his beard is neatly trimmed. To his annoyance, his beard is starting to grey. His brown eyes are not that of a young adventurer.

He is usually well dressed; even if it is a bit plain. His form is uncompromising and his movements are practiced, those of a seasoned warrior.
His armour bears the symbol of the Iron Order, three clasped hands joining together to form a triangle. His Armour and equipment are expertly maintained with only a few faint signs of battle. Each item has a place out of necessity, few of them elaborate or decorative.
On his left side is a sword of the warrior, he rarely uses the blade and it is often used as a perch for his hand. On his right and disappearing under his cloak is a dark brown half-filled bos hide satchel. Securely attached to the satchel are two unlit torches. When not needed, he usually attaches his helmet to the strap.

When in combat he favours a battle-worn Cory Imprinted Shield. When he patrols it is often found strapped to his back
He speaks in a direct manner.

Iron Commander Hojo Musachi
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Gender: Male
Level: 60
Profession: Warrior
Guild: Alliance of Valornian Explorers (Officer)
Stature Points: 1
Equipped Items
Warrior Lore
Iron Order Ring
Iron Order Cloak Pin
Demonblood Gold Aegis Crystal
Iron Commander's Cloak
Blessed Ring (Glowing)
Glowing Amulet of The Order (Glowing)
Stygian Boots
Polished Articulated Gauntlets
Simple Light Blue Cloth Clothing
Armor of the Iron Order
Ultimate Weapon of The Iron Order (Glowing)