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Fleet of foot and soft in words, Istela stands before you. Snowy locks with highlights of platinum seem to caress her face in a gentle manner.

Soft blue eyes gaze out with curiosity and trepidation. As if easily brought to tears.

The thin rogue wears a safari outfit snugly against her womanly frame. The top tied revealing more of the peach toned skin with little to mar her physical appearance. Shorts hugging her just so to allow freedom of movement without possibility of being ensnared.

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Gender: Female
Level: 26
Profession: Rogue
Guild: Blade and Staff
Stature Points: 48
Equipped Items
Silver Ring
Tarnished Medallion
Indigo Blossom
Admiral`s Cloak
Fine Silver Bracelet
Amulet of Righteousness (Glowing)
Mystical Jingle Jangle Dancing Boots
Colorfully Dyed Yellow Silk Bracelet
Enchanted Skull Helm
Safari Outfit
Ringmail Armor
Fine Falchion - Left
Fine Falchion - Right