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Istela Marie Silverblood

A rather petite and timid young lady stands before you with long blonde hair that is complimented by the Indigo blossom tucked behind her right ear and keen blue-green eyes that you might notice as she brushes away strips of hair away from her eyes. Her eyes twinkle with mischief and humor but as quickly as she appears she is gone. Only few are lucky to stay in her presence for more than a few moments, because of her shyness. Her lush lips are painted a semi-glossy red.

She's a gentle woman with a voice sing song that seems to demand attention when she ever has confidence to speak loudly enough. When she can speak past her shyness, her voice takes on a melodic like tone that seems to linger in the ears of those listening.

She is dressed in an elegant blue sparkly dress, a hint of glimmer in the sheen of it. It appears strapless and a train that seems to be held up by the middle finger of her right hand.The back is tear dropped down to her waist is open backed and seems to be specially made. Her blonde locks curled just so and pinned with a blossom.

There is a silver ring on her index finger. On her left ring finger sits a diamond ring she never takes off and looks at fondly. Around her wrist is a gold and silver bracelet the often captures her absent attention.
A tattoo rests on her wrist. One would have to ask what it says.
She appears to be much thinner now and her clothes nearly hang off of her the dress she wears is held tight by a belt of bos leather and her cloak hides her frail body from view.

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Gender: Female
Level: 24
Profession: Rogue
Stature Points: 37
Equipped Items
Diamond Ring
Tarnished Medallion
Indigo Blossom
Admiral`s Cloak
Gold and Silver Bracelet
Amulet of Righteousness (Glowing)
Caligae War Sandals
Enchanted Skull Helm
Safari Outfit
Sub-Rosa Armor
Fine Falchion - Right