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Albeit a bit early, this man is garbed from head to toe in the 'guise of a dragon. From his shifty mask to his talon like boots. He carries around a very heavy stone, that he caresses like an egg.

Brisingr Blaze, a man that has seen his fair seasons of trouble. He stands 6'2 with a short Ethucan military style haircut. Bright brown eyes stare back at you from under his gaze. It's the look of a man that has knowledge, but still enjoys having mirth in them. His beard has a slight ting of mauve to it.

He is quick to laugh, but just as quick to jump to a friend's defense. Over his many seasons, he has called many 'friend'. An outgoing personality that is equally matched by his steel-resolve to get things done.

Along his left bicep he wears a plain silver armlet, but upon closer inspection there is a small orb that houses a fragment of a doorway. The fragment seems to give strength to the bearer.

His Trollbark cloak is held together in place firmly upon his shoulders by a Golden Dragon Cloak pin, that seems to give a warming red wink when 'Rifters rays hit it.

Like most Enchanters, he wears a set of mirandine colored robes while underneath he sports a seemingly plain thin cloth shirt, one can make out an emblazoned yellow and black dragon.

Most of his outfits don't have any sleeves so not to rub at his forearms which bare old burn scars that have been allowed to heal on their own. They go from his hands all the way up to his elbows.

From his viper-skin belt hangs a plain hardened leather scabbard that when drawn you can see houses a Rapier. Upon the length of the blade is burnt in red the letters, "PERCY". Fixed to the end of the sword instead of the usual pommel is a water gem.

On his other hip hanging from his belt is a plain hardened leather scabbard that when drawn reveals Drakaina, a rapier blade that has a feminine curve and shimmers in a glowing greenish blue light. The cross-guard is cupped to allow the wielder to parry blows and to protect the sword hand in general. Wyvern scales have been cast along the hilt, and a fine jewel sits on the pommel of this sword, cut into the semblance of a dragon's head.

Strapped to his back is a weird sheath curved at its end. When the blade is withdrawn and held you can make out the black steel as being something rarely wielded by human hands. The blade curves at the tip, thus is meant for cutting instead of slashing.

Brisingr Blaze
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Gender: Male
Level: 65
Profession: Enchanter
Guild: The Remnants of Kimald (Leader)
Stature Points: 496
Equipped Items
A Bag of Powder
Golden Ring
Golden Dragon Cloak Pin
Loyalty Pin
Fall Festival Mask
Trollbark Cloak
Coruscating Stone
Stygian Boots
Yellow and Black Dragon Emblazoned Thin Clothing
Chilled Adept Robe IV